Innovation for the Boxes Filming Machine Wrap Box 600

The future of packaging lies in cotton and textile fibres

Packaging machine works with plastic and alternative materials

The Wrap Box machine is a valid solution for the protection of citrus fruits, apricots, cherries, kiwis, apples, tomatoes, pears, peaches and grapes, just to mention a few.
It works on cardboard or wooden boxes of different shapes and sizes.

The Bologna-based company GNA srl is now offering its Wrap Box wrapping machine in a new guise. It can now handle unconventional materials, ranging from fully compostable solutions to new alternatives such as cotton netting. 

The use of alternative materials is a topical issue for all manufacturers of packaging machines and systems. Companies are called upon to constantly innovate, find new solutions, and further develop existing ones in order to meet the challenges faced on the market. Therefore, the Wrap Box machine was recently revised and equipped with new accessories to handle different types of materials and provide customers with multiple uses. The machine is compact and made with high-quality raw materials and components. It is also equipped with a special structure that provides easy access for inspection, maintenance, and cleaning of the machine. 

The different cutting systems, the precise selection of the most suitable adhesives, the easy format change via PLC, and the touch screen control panel make the Wrap Box a simple machine, able to respond to the increasingly specific demands of the market. The machine is suitable for packaging with printed or neutral material and is easy to use.



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