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The horizontal electronic Caperea packaging machine is the most powerful among GNA srl flow-pack machines.
It is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and aluminum and has rounded corners to prevent product build-ups and allow easier machine cleaning. It is fit for being used in many sectors such as fruit & vegetable, bread-making, confectionery, sausage meats etc.
Caperea is extremely modular and may be customized by means of a two-volume structure that permits separating the mechanical-electrical area from the work control area by installing overhanging units.
Three motors (two brushless type and one controlled by inverter) along with the Touch Screen panel guide the operator throughout the main operations, that entail preparing and storing data to operate the machine.
Thanks to four lengthwise units (pulling, pre-heating, sealing, fin shaping) and two crosswise sealing jaws a perfectly sealed bag is easily achievable.
Two crosswise sealing bars turn by means of the functioning principle “long dwell”, considerably increasing contact times between sealing mass and film; in this way an hermetic sealing is granted without increasing the cycle-machine times.

Areas of application

  • Fruit&Vegetables
  • Bakery products
  • Sweets
  • Ready meals
  • Fresh cut
  • Miscellaneous - Food

Style of packaging

Main technical data

Speed (cycles per minute) min 40 – max 150
Film width max 800 mm
Bag length min 120 - max 500 mm
Product width min 70 - max 200 mm
Clearance between jaws max 195 mm
Electrical consumption 3,5 KW
Compressed air consumption 15 NL/min


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Samples of packed products