The automatic line mod CL40 by GNA is a system suitable for closing clamshell punnets of various shapes and sizes up to a maximum speed of 40 packs/min. It can be easily programmed by means of the colorful touch screen display. The format change is quick and can be achieved without the use of a mechanical equipment.

The standard line consists of:

  • Infeed belt with side guide for open punnets
  • Automatic synchronizing unit
  • Indexed belt for product transportation
  • Double unit for punnets closing

The line belts can vary in length depending on the customer’s requirements

The line can be equipped with:

  • Automatic denester (optional)
  • Filling system for punnets (optional)

Main technical data

Speed (cycles per minute) 40
Electrical consumption 1.0 KW
Compressed air consumption 100 Nl/min


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Samples of packed products