The line consists of a flow pack packaging machine Mod. Green HS and of an automatic feeding system Mod. NT286, designed with various belts, and is suitable for:

  • receiving the product from the production lines independently 
  • aligning and driving the product up to the machine infeed through a synchronization system, equipped with bands of different speeds
  • sanitizing and automatically packaging it in a dynamic way into a bag made of coextruded polypropylene

Technical specs:

Compatible masks: surgical, KN95, FFP2,FFP3, fabric masks
Speed: max 90 packs/min
Total length of the line: 4700 mm
Electrical consumption: 4.0 KW

Areas of application

  • Biomedical

Style of packaging

Main technical data

Speed (cycles per minute) max 90
Electrical consumption 4.0 KW

Samples of packed products