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Wrap-box 600 is a machine able to put covers of micro or macro perforated film on carton or wooden boxes using hot glue; changing the cutting device (which is an option to the standard machine), our wrap box can be also used to apply covers of extruded net + film. In this way you will obtain a wrapped box that perfectly protects the product contained in it by means of the cover glued onto the long sides of the box.
The film reel is placed in the upper frame of the machine and unwinds itself in the same running direction of the boxes (that is narrow side). This allows the application of pre-printed films or pre-printed net + films by means of the print registration option.
The control panel run by PLC visualizes all programmable functions, parameters and formats according to boxes sizes cm 20x30, 30x40, 30x50, 40x60.
Format changeover is managed automatically by PLC; the different width, height and glue positioning changes are entered into the size together with film length, avoiding any manual adjustment.

Areas of application

  • Fruit&Vegetables
  • Ready meals

Main technical data

Speed (cycles per minute) Up to 28/30
Film width max 650 mm
Box length max 600 mm
Box width max 400 mm
Box height max 220 mm
Clearance for the use as roller track max 300 mm
Electrical consumption 4.5 KW
Compressed air consumption 100 NL/min


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