Robinia is the innovative and high-performance continuous motion VFFS machine by GNA srl, suitable for packaging both dry and wet products in bags of different sizes and shapes.

Designed to deliver bags up to 350 mm wide with a maximum packaging speed 100 Rpm, it is build with an open frame design and guarantees excellent sanitization even in difficult environments. The new electronic platform allows Robinia to operate in 'box motion' mode with higher sealing times and pressure, so to obtain the same performance as a machine with rotary jaws, when speed becomes an essential asset.

The multi-protocol operator panel with 10" screen, fully integrated inside the machine, grants to satisfy all the functional needs, such as remote connection of the machine to external systems, for diagnostic and remote assistance purposes, and connection to MES (Manufacturing Execution System) for the production’s management and control. All the documentation (wiring diagrams, use and maintenance manual and exploded views) can also be consulted from the operator panel.


Special Features

  • 4 Servo Motors
  • Vertical Sealing via warm air
  • Film pulling via integrated suction system
  • Fully integrated Multi-Protocol Operator Panel, 10” screen
  • New electronic system
  • Vertical Box Motion Mode ensuring high speed
  • MES (Manufacturing Execution System) connection
  • Remote connection for diagnostic and service
  • Stainless steel AISI 304 frame

Areas of application

  • Fruit&Vegetables
  • Pasta/Rice
  • Bakery products
  • Fresh cut
  • Diary products

Style of packaging

Main technical data

Speed (cycles per minute) 100 rpm
Film width Max 750 mm
Bag length min 350 max 500 (mm)
Bag width 350 mm
Electrical consumption 4 KW
Compressed air consumption 120 NL/min


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