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Medusa is the new flexible and versatile automatic solution for lids application on cups of various dimensions and shapes. With a structure entirely made of stainless steel AISI 304 and anodized aluminium, it can be supplied in different configurations from 4 to 16 stations and reaches speeds up to 40-45 cycles/minute. It consists of several elements:
- Input and output belts, adjustable side guides, brushless motor, start-stop running system to avoid product overturning.
- Carousel with 4-8-16 positions, complete with servomotor and gear motor.
- Lid automatic application system complete with single or double suction cup pickup system and lid application with 180 ° pneumatic rotation, 500mm vertical loader and micro-safety opening protection.
- Electric panel.
- Pneumatic panel.
- Touch screen panel for managing commands with preset languages.
- Can be equipped with a label and seal application system.

Main technical data

Speed (cycles per minute) 40-45
Electrical consumption 1 Kw
Compressed air consumption 270 NL/min


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